These pages have samples of my work as an artist, animator, visual FX professional, writer and creator.

I have recently wrapped as the Head of Layout for Mandoo Pictures on a film called Rock Dog, directed by Ash Brannon of Toy Story fame, and I am now working at Riot Games on their CG Animation projects.

I previously spent almost 9 years as a Layout Supervisor and VFX artist at Sony Pictures Imageworks, generally working on animated features with a sprinkling of VFX live-action films mixed in.

Some of the films I’ve worked on include Surf’s Up, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Alice in Wonderland, Hotel Transylvania, Smurfs, Smurfs 2, and Edge of Tomorrow.

I won a 2007 ANNIE award for my work on Surf’s Up. I was the Wave Animation Lead; conceiving, designing and blocking the animation, animating all the waves, and doing all the camera work on the surfing and water related sequences for the film.

I taught FX Animation at Gnomon in Hollywood for over 8 years, which is a bit like teaching at Hogworts. Gnomon is the most renown school in the industry, and it’s a ton of fun. Check out my training DVD’s for the Gnomon Workshop, AND buy a copy if you choose to learn some Maya tricks.

Prior to Sony I worked in Commercial/Music Video production for 10 years, eventually leading production teams and co-Directing commercials.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy the work.

John Clark


Animation VFX Reel

A smattering of my Animation and VFX work. This reel represents a small portion of the work I've done over the years. Most of the shots I worked on directly while supervising/leading a team, a few shots I previs'ed then supervised artists on (Hotel T and Edge of Tomorrow).

Cover Girl Culture

Cover Girl CultureI am the executive producer of a world changing documentary movie called Cover Girl Culture, a film that explores the impact media has on young girls, women and society. Head to the website and buy the DVD for your family - this is important.

The Gnomon Workshop

gnomonCheck out the DVD's I have created a few the Gnomon Workshop! There are more to be released soon. These are training DVD's for visual effects industry professionals.

Gnomon School of Visual Effects

gnomon schoolI have been teaching classes at Gnomon for six years and counting. Gnomon is a profession school is Hollywood, CA that trains Visual Effects professionals for the film industry. They simply the best.