Solar Panels ordered for my house!

My quest to live green and leave a small ecological footprint on this planet has taken a leap forward. I have ordered solar panels for my house that will supply close to 100 percent of my electricity, including charging my electric car.

I went with a company called Solar City who are giving me a great deal on the system. Plus Sony Entertainment where I work has given me a big cash incentive to install the system. In the end I’ll break even after just two years, and after they the system will pay me!

It’s a 4.8 kW solar system, mounted on the back side of my roof (facing Southwest). The design for the system has already been approved by the city inspectors and the installation will come very soon. This entire process has be easy and smooth. I highly recommend solar to anyone and everyone, especially people in sunny states like Florida and California. The sun is the most powerful energy provider on Earth and we have the technology to tap into it.

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Cover Girl Culture

Cover Girl CultureI am the executive producer of a world changing documentary movie called Cover Girl Culture, a film that explores the impact media has on young girls, women and society. Head to the website and buy the DVD for your family - this is important.

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