We cannot eat money

Prince Ea with another great rap.

Prince Ea - Sorry rap

Prince Ea takes on our attitudes toward destruction of forests.


This time he is taking on the massive destruction of our Earth’s forests by our corporations. I say “our” because both the Earth and the corporations are ours. Ours to save and ours to stop. The Earth lays defenseless at the iron boots of humanity and we’ve been kicking her for 200 years. Kicking her in the mountains, kicking her in the forests, kicking her in the oceans, river and streams. We’ve kicking her bounty of life, removing species after species from existence. All with the mindless efficiency. All with heartless cruelty. All with one single, universal, dominating excuse… that we have the right to financial gain at the expense of anything or anyone that may lay in the path. We allow our corporations to operate with the overriding principal that “the ends always justifies the means” and a world view that looks no farther than what can be acquired and banked right now.

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