Climate Denialists In Congress Acting As NASA’s Kryptonite

What has brought our country to this level of insanity? A good chunk of the American population has always been hateful, bigoted, greedy, self-serving and staunchly against doing the right thing if it goes against “my right to make money any way I see fit.” Just study the history of Slavery if you have any doubt about this fact.

Today’s slavery, in America is the Environment. Humans are currently destroying the planet and all its non-edible species. The 6th mass extinction is under way, caused by man. So now we have every credible scientist on planet Earth telling the entire world that we are emitting so much carbon through burning fossil fuels that we are changing the composition of the atmosphere enough to cause rapid warming of the planet.

Enter the fossil fuel industry. They launched a mega-campaign funded by energy Billionaires like the Koch Brothers to deny the evidence of science. They enlisted (using $) Fox news, and every conservative pundit in the media to tout their message to their viewers and listeners. Their technique – use their media outlets to cast un-founded doubt on science in general, buy a few scientists to join the denial team, pay off every politician who is willing to be corrupted, and bully the conservative population until they lock-step with the message to the point that they become conspiracy theorists, and bullies themselves.

Has it worked? Just read the article below, and you’ll be astounded. For those of use who don’t listen to political pundits, and who get our news from a huge variety of sources (including FOX), this all seems like insanity.

For those of us who study history as a hobby, this is just another of many, many instances where a giant corporation has controlled and guided society to their own ends. We know from history that whoever controls the media, controls the minds who consume the media. In our polarized era, we have one half of the country consuming media from Newcorp and it’s affiliated companies, and Newscorp is working hand-in-hand to drive a message that is leading to the destruction of our environment.

What can we do? Now that the conservatives has taken control of the Senate, all we can do is raise our voice and write our representatives. We can also write to the corporations asking them to change, and reinvest in renewable energy.

Can we change our neighbor’s minds on the subject of climate change? Not likely. Research is been done that shows that a denier’s beliefs cannot be swayed by a non-denier. Attempting to do so only creates a low-brain fight or flight reaction (usually fight). Just bless them and pray they come around before it’s too late. And thank the Lord for NASA.

NASA, with all its heroism and accuracy, is like Superman to many Americans — and denying the agency the funding it needs because of its position on climate is wrong, says astrophysicist Adam Frank.

Source: Climate Denialists In Congress Acting As NASA’s Kryptonite

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