Bad Chocolate: Hershey’s, Nestle, and Mars Inc. are Facing Child Slavery Accusations

Cocoa has never been grown in the USA and never will be until a tropical rain forest magically appears. Chocolate must be imported. Period. Same with coffee and tea. Fair Trade guarantees that the source is from a farm that is using production practices that do not include slavery and child labor, and has safe working conditions. Cocoa comes from some of the most impoverished places on earth for us to gobble up and enjoy. Companies like Hersey continue to get their cocoa from farms that hare known to use slave and child labor. They have taken many steps to block information that implicates them. This means that they are actively PRO SLAVERY, right now. And if you buy their chocolate at any time YOU ARE ALSO PRO SLAVERY AND CONSCIOUSLY SUPPORTING CHILD SLAVERY and all the illness, disease and sorrow that goes along with it! There is no arguing that fact.

The only argument is in your heart and mind. Do you care enough to spend a little extra for your decadent treat and buy “Fair Trade”? Most Americans choose to stick their heads in the sand and plug their ears and make loud snorting sounds as they gobble up their goodies pretending that what they do doesn’t matter. Pretending that every penny you spend has no affect on the lives of children around the world. We buy our blood diamonds, snarffle our slave chocolate, eat our poison Monsanto food and buy our packaged plastic Chinese garbage then throw it all in the ocean for dolphins to choke on. Huzza for us!!!!

Vote with your dollars this Halloween. And if you reach for a bag of Hershey’s mini chocolate bars… slap yourself hard in the face till you bleed, because you deserve it.

Source: Bad Chocolate: Hershey’s, Nestle, and Mars Inc. are Facing Child Slavery Accusations

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