Animation / VFX Reel


Animation VFX Reel

A smattering of my Animation and VFX work. This reel represents a small portion of the work I've done over the years. Most of the shots I worked on directly while supervising/leading a team, a few shots I previs'ed then supervised artists on (Hotel T and Edge of Tomorrow).

Cover Girl Culture

Cover Girl CultureI am the executive producer of a world changing documentary movie called Cover Girl Culture, a film that explores the impact media has on young girls, women and society. Head to the website and buy the DVD for your family - this is important.

The Gnomon Workshop

gnomonCheck out the DVD's I have created a few the Gnomon Workshop! There are more to be released soon. These are training DVD's for visual effects industry professionals.

Gnomon School of Visual Effects

gnomon schoolI have been teaching classes at Gnomon for six years and counting. Gnomon is a profession school is Hollywood, CA that trains Visual Effects professionals for the film industry. They simply the best.