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Someone Explain To Me The Alien Alloys Before I Fucking Explode

Hello, hi, yes, hello. We’ve all seen this, right? This story in the New York Fucking Times about the Pentagon’s $22 million Oh Shit There Might Be Aliens program? We’ve all read it? We’ve all engaged with the evidence within the story, written in part by two journalists who have won Pulitzer Prizes for the New York Fucking Times, that suggests oh shit there might be aliens?

Source: Someone Explain To Me The Alien Alloys Before I Fucking Explode

A moment in history – they are real

It seems aliens are real. But nobody really seems to care. What can we do anyway, and how different is this from all the movies and TV we watch. It’s like humans are so set in our thinking that unless aliens really do blow up a city, this news isn’t going to have a profound effect, and will soon go away. People will forget, and get back to Game of Thrones.  We’re strange creatures.



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